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How to become a SAKA Member

Steps to register as a SAKA member:

  1. Please fill out the form below
  2. Please pay R300.00 (for one season membership) via EFT (Bank Details) below
  3. If paid via EFT, please send proof of payment to
  4. If paid by SnapScan please remember to put your name and surname in the reference box

 EFT Banking details:

Account Name: A Rosslee (SAKA)
Bank Name: Standard Bank
Account number: 074464469
Branch code: 051001

Payment by SNAP SCAN

All riders must please include your name and surname when paying by SNAP SCAN in the reference box

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SAKA Membership

SAKA/SAS achieves (amongst other things) the following:

  1. A close working relationship with SASCOC. This relationship is of enormous value, because SASCOC is the body that government uses as a gauge for high level success in sport.
  2. A close working relationship with the National Department of Sport. This was cemented by SAS presenting and implementing the Long Term Participation Development Programme. SAS was the first national authority to do this, and the authorities were left with the impression that this was a serious sporting code that could be relied on to meets its obligations.
  3. A close working relationship with regulatory authorities like SAMSA. Again, an initiative which was much maligned, but the fact is that the implementation has given SAS an enhanced reputation of being a really responsible National Sports Body.
  4. A close working relationship with the Department of Water Affairs, especially with regard to access to inland sailing waters in terms of Resource Development Plans.
  5. A close working relationship with WS/IKA/GKA, especially as regards the development of sailing and the development of an African Sailing Federation.
  6. Helping in keep our beaches open and safe for kiteboarders (Liason with local Councils regarding keeping Kiteboarding safe at your beach)
  7. Helping to nominate a team to endorse and represent South Africa at international levels
  8. Nominate members for regional as well as national kiteboarding colors
  9. Help create training facilities for South African instructors  (Implement a South African teaching standard and system)
  10. Offer clinics to train up underprivileged kids to kite board and be part of our SAVE project
  11. Liability Insurance Cover for Kiteboarders, Instructors and Schools within South Africa
  12. SAKA is dedicated to promoting safety and enjoyment of the sport whilst encourage growth in the competitive realm.
  13. To establish South Africa as a premier kiteboarding destination.
  14. To grow awareness about the sport in the local community at large


“The kiteboarding community of South Africa”, when represented by and associated with SAS, suddenly enjoys the benefit being part of the success of “The sailing community of South Africa”. As soon as “the sailing community of South Africa” is associated with SAS, it gains a corporate respectability, in term of which all enjoy the respectability generated but the many and varied different parts that make up the community.

So, let us examine the example of a kite boarder that practices his sport off the beach in Milnerton. He enjoys no permanence of access to the water. He is under the scrutiny of officials who do not understand his sport, and are fearful of some undisclosed level of liability that can be imputed on them. Not a happy situation at all. Driven by Arthur Rosslee, the current chairman, an association is established between the Kite Boarding community and SAS. Suddenly, Kite Boarders enjoy the respectability that comes with the association with SAS, and their relationship with the authorities undergoes a metamorphosis, which includes the provision of upgraded beach premises to use as operational headquarters.

The answer to the question “what does SAKA/SAS do for me?” can be couched in terms of access to the rules of sailing, or in terms association with WS/IKA/GKA. But the biggest benefit of an association with SAS, is that it gives you a level of respectability by association, that makes it possible for you to properly negotiate what you need, to practice or to support the sport that you love.

The fact is that the bigger the membership of SAS, the greater the clout that SAKA has, and the greater the value to be found in your membership. The more you understand the value to be found in your membership, the more you will encourage others to be part of the growth.

If kiteboarding as a sport is going to grow, then we, as the current incumbents, must become the people that other people want to mix with.

In conclusion, I believe that the question “what does SAKA/SAS do for me?” is answered in terms of the credibility that the association gives to all members, and I believe that huge value lies with the benefits that accrue from that credibility.

So for R300 per annum help us to help you!