SAKA Accredited Kite Schools – 2017/18

SAKA Accredited Kite Schools

In order for SAKA to ensure a safe standard of teaching within South Africa, the following system has been implemented.

As of 1 December 2018 all Kite Schools and Instructors will need to apply to SAKA for a Teaching permit (TAG).

These are in the form of a coloured Tag that needs to visibly displayed on the Instructors Harness whilst teaching.

SAKA will issue these tags to Instructors and Schools at the cost of R600 per tag.

This will include your standard SAKA membership fee for the year (Value R300) and your own personal Public Liability cover for being a SAKA member.

What do you need to do to get a Tag?

Send an email to  with copies of the following Information:

  • Your Valid Instructor Qualification (IKO, BKSA or similar)
  • A copy of your Valid Public Liability Insurance policy or Cover Note from Insurer
  • Let us know which local school or shop you are working with or Freelancing for
  • Pay the R600 Fee via snapscan or EFT – Membership for Schools/Instructors drop down on the home page
  • That’s it…..become SAKA approved and wear your TAG


 Accredited Kite Schools as of 01-12-2017 to 30-11-2018
SAKA Accredited Schools List 2017/18
School name Instructor TAG Number
CORE Kiteboarding Derick Brady 1
Kiteboarding Cape Town Bruce Gonlag 2
Adrian Greyling 3
Julian van der Steen 4
KCT Lost tag 5
Ruari Rosef-Ingram 14
Kite Kahunas Wolfram Reiners 6
Wolfram Reiners 7
Wolfram Reiners 8
Wolfram Reiners 9
Surfstore Africa Patrice Hartmann 11
Cameron Paton 12
Private Instructor Greg Cohen 13
Windtown Adam Barnard 17
Adam Barnard 18
Adam Barnard 19
Private Instructor Simone Swanepoel 15
Private Instructor Kimon Dos Santos 16
Liquid Force Kyle Bell 10
Darren Zackey 20
High 5 Kiteschool Grant Brown 21
Grant Brown 22
Grant Brown 23
Grant Brown 24
Cabrinha Kite School Donavan O Neale 25
Donavan O Neale 26
Donavan O Neale 27
SA Kitesurfing School Dale McCann 31
Dale McCann 32
Coastline Kitesurfing Kyle Browning 28
Kyle Browning 29
Kyle Browning 30
Kyle Browning 33
 Kite Surf Hermanus  Scott Soothill  34