Once again thank you to Jerry’s Burger Bar, Van Hunks, WOO Sports, RedBull and SAKA for the event and all of you the competitors for the incredible show you all put on at the Jerry’s Big Air in association with WOO Sports. The stats for the event were crazy:
2364 jumps
11,77km of total height
1h43min of total hangtime
Just after the event ended Aaron Hadlow set a new World record just after the event: 24,8m!!!!
Please download the WOO APP and follow the Jerry’s Big Air event to see all the results and your jumps are all recorded.
Many of you have seen already but there is an album of PHOTOS on FACEBOOK
Check out the BLOG POST and results on www.woosports.co.za
And from SAKA a huge thanks to VAN HUNKS, WOO, RED BULL and JERRY’s for their sponsorship as that allows SAKA with ONE MOVEMENT to have great events like this!