South African hotshot Oswald Smith would have set a new Woo record with this jump I caught on video at a domestic big air comp ‘Jerry’s Big Air’ that took place on the same day a little further along Kite Beach! South Africa’s star riders like Ozzie competed alongside amateur big wind enthusiasts in a wonderful spectacle in the late afternoon howling winds. Oswald Smith won the pro category with this monster that was measured at 20.7m by Woo.

While Jaws has been firing up the Hawaiian winter, the Cape Doctor has been igniting the Cape Town summer flame, and all those who love strong winds have been getting their fill.

This place is crawling with pro riders, so it would be easy for its beaches to be filled with attitude, but they’re really not. And a large part of that is down to the humble and devoted throng of local kitesurfers who live and ride here all year. The only riders attempting to ride in wakestyle boots are those dedicated to that style who can really make them work. The conditions here mostly call for big air and freeriding and there’s nowhere you’ll see more riders going out and just sending it. It’s what it’s all about.


Cape Town kitesurfer boosting high

Jerry’s Big Air competitor going mahoosive