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Extract from KITEWORLD magazine

        SOUTH AFRICAN KITESURFING IS ON FIRE South African hotshot Oswald Smith would have set a new Woo record with this jump I caught on video at a domestic big air comp ‘Jerry’s Big Air’ that took place on the same day a little further along... read more


    VKSA South Africa – We Did It! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO TOOK PART ON SATURDAY AND HELPED US SET A NEW KITESURFING WORLD RECORD IN CAPE TOWN! And a further huge thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, supporters, charities and partners who... read more

IKA World Freestyle Champions

After a turbulent season the International Kiteboarding Association announces the final rankings for 2015, with the leaders of the world rankings being awarded the status of the official 2015 IKA World Champions. Although the IKA World Rankings count every riders best... read more


Once again thank you to Jerry’s Burger Bar, Van Hunks, WOO Sports, RedBull and SAKA for the event and all of you the competitors for the incredible show you all put on at the Jerry’s Big Air in association with WOO Sports. The stats for the event were... read more


EXTRACT FROM KITEWORLD SURELY THE RECORD WILL GO AT THE END OF JANUARY! Considering the amount of local and visiting kitesurfers floating around the Cape Town area in January / February, the first Virgin Kitesurfing Armada event held there could blow the record books... read more

2nd SAKA Members Raffle

The December SAKA membership raffle winner was Dewald de Jager from Cannon Rocks. ” I would just like thank SAKA for the prize and especially NORTH KITE BOARDING South Africa (OCEAN SPIRIT) for sponsoring the prize”. (Quote from Dewald) So come on guys and... read more

Time to Crown the 2015 World Tour Champions

At five fantastic kitesurfing events of the 2015 season all athletes were fighting for the titles of the World Tour. Competitions took place in Freestyle, Slalom, Wave and the 2015 re-introduced Big Air discipline. This year riders also had the chance to fight for a... read more